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Sunday, October 25, 2009

bad day + happy day

Posted by [ Z U L I E ] 12:13 AM, under | No comments tired today.I went to USM for 'Kejohanan Olahraga Tahunan ( KOT ).
i was one of ajk for work in the office.Do work from 9am to 1.15pm..huh.just imagine!!!under the hot sun,hot day...sunny hot..eventhough i wore the cap, but still hot work was to 'angkut barang'..for balapan..huh,they should thank friends's not volunteer..but..volunteer+forced..oh,k la..just forget about it..there's something that I learnt my friend said to me:
Zulie, we're like exercising today!.

Ok least it can release my tension + tired for a while..

Kak pah treated us KFC..Thank you k.pah..i was hungry at that time..
I want to tell you all that 24th October is my roomate's birthday..Her name is Seow Lee Fern..just call her Lee Fern..HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEE FERN!!!...SWEET 21..May God bless you

that's all for sleepy right now..want to sleep..'dah la muka ni dah burn sbb berjemur arini kt USM..macam kena salai n panggang je!!merah2 muka...x suka!!'

GOOD NIGHT...sweet dream..


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