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Sunday, October 25, 2009

bad day..

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Today is a bad bay for me..coz i vomitted badly today!!first experience like this..hope not happen again..dont want!! I felt 'longlai' after vomit..huhu..vomitted in the bus..huhu...'nyaris2'...luckily sempat tahan walaupu dh x tertahan...vomitted in my room at hostel..luckily lee fern sempat gave me the plastik, if know what will happen next..

Tomorrow, we have SEGAK test..huhu..have to run around the field for 6 times to get 2.4km..oh no,not my taste lor!!for a long time, i did not go to exercise,suddenly have to to SEGAK test..bad day la...

I hope I can do..I will do my best..think positive Zulie!!


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