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Friday, October 16, 2009

im bored

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so boring...don't know what to do..
i already ate nasi campur for my dinner..
but,my stomach was still shouting..want something to come in..
so,i ate maggie..for a long time i did not eat maggie..coz i will fell dizzy after eat it.
i mixed maggie with pak choy and carrot..quite good..
Suddenly,i remembered the moment i watched movie at this evening..
i could not remember the title of movie..something like 'cloudy.....meatball'

our ticket..watched together .THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

the story was quite ok..
all about food..
it delivered message too...
eat too much will make our body to become more bigger like 'datuk bandar' in that story..hehhe..
from thin ...become fat...


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