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Monday, October 5, 2009


Posted by [ Z U L I E ] 6:02 PM, under | No comments so hungry today!!.Mane x nye aku makan tengahari pukul 10 pagi..Jarang aku makan seawal tu..selalunye mesti aku makan lepas kelas kol 1.30pm..huhu..ini smuanya disebabkan oleh PJ..letih main-main mcm bdk kecik ms microteaching kawan2..xpe la...berseronok..lastly, all friends were hungry after that....ape lagi..recsam is our destination or target. Lega x ramai sgt org..akau makan lauk ikan je..Actually, I love to eat chicken or 'ayam' very much...Eat ayam almost the time...I think I love to eat ayam very much since I entered the boarding school( Sek. Men. Sains Tg. Abdullah, Raub, Pahang ). Almost every day 'mak cik Dema' cooked lauk ayam for us. 'Dema' is refer to the Dewan Makan..

Ok, I continue my story at recsam...

Suddenly, we got a message that we have to go to Math department because we have meeting ( Puteri Islam ). Meeting for camping that we will go for 4 days at IPSAH start from this Wednesday until Saturday. Not so interested to join actually..But, what can I do..I just a student..just follow...never mind..I hope the camping can change my perception...Nowadays, rain always today..heavy rain...Fortunately, I not wash my clothes today..hehe..Alamak,lari tajuk lagi...Ok, our lecturers gave some briefing about the camping that we will attend...Just imagine, we are provided only 3 or 4 tents to occupy all of crowded like ikan sardin!!! patient..

Luckily, we have no class for Teknologi Pendidikan ( TP ) today..So, we finished our class earlier than before..After I just arrived at my sweet room, I slept for almost 1 hour. Not enough to qada' my sleep!!!Because last night I slept at 4 o'clock.....

At 3.15pm, I have another class..Pendidikan Jasmani dan Kesihatan at ODT..It' s rainy day..Calm, cold and makes me rilex..

Now, I'm home..not refer to my house..but my room which is consists of many plus illegal things, equal to my room..I ate kuih raya that I brought from my home...Nice, delicious...cannot describe what I feel right now..
board kt meja study aku..serabut..hahha


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