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Monday, October 5, 2009 to me

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my coins...collection
Who do not love to have a lot of money???tell me who..
I love money very much..

But, nowadays, if we noticed, people like to count big money like rm 50, rm 100..

So, who wants to count coins..

It's me who are counting coins..
I collect coins..

If I have coins, I will put it into my special container..

My container becomes so heavy..

If it fells on child's foot, I cannot imagine what will happen next..
even 10 cent, it's very important to buy something..

If we admire to buy something that we like, but the money is not enough,we cannot buy it..

it's all about 10 cent...
So, appreciate the coins..
it has many functions.

to call someone by using a public phone..

I like to use for that function previously..seriously..

coins also can be used to enter public toilet..
to do our business..heheheh


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