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Friday, October 23, 2009


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I don't know what kind of story that I want to write here
I have no idea
I just follow hat my finger tip want to do
no one can force me
quite happy today
can eat what I always want to...desired
suddenly, I got an idea
I want to ask you all whether ' in your opinion, money is important to you or not??'
For me, it's important
I can buy something that I like..But I still count or think wisely
so, I still have money for the very important things
even if we want to go to the toilet at the shopping complex, we still need at least 20 cent to enter the toilet
see how important the money!!
sometimes, we will think or feel that it's not relevant and logic to pay 20 cent
but, sometimes it has its relevant........
perhaps we can think about it


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