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Monday, October 26, 2009

picture for today

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Today, 26th October 2009
pictures that I captured during En. Azizan's class for Teknologi Pendidikan ( TP )
I like this pictures because it looked like be a DJ for radio..hehhe
actually, we were having class at that time,.we were recording our voices for assignment
but, actually, we were not doing our work, we were just playing around..heheh..just pretending
but, so cool..

during En . Azizan's class...

me..Zuliyana Hassan @ Zulie

act as a DJ radio..hehe..I like this picture.

9th November 2009, I will sit for TP examination..9hb November is my sweet number..because it's my birthday..But, not many people remember my birthday(*sigh) except........................Thanks.


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