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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


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Today, I would like to tell u about what i have done this morning..
Do u know that, i woke up early this morning...i woke up at early
My roommate was more earlier that me..woke up at 6.00am
another improvement that we've done..*ahaks

*6.10 am*
i woke up
take a bath
make milo + nestum

*7.00 am *
went to in front of cafe
went to bukit dumbar to observe the sunrise

*7.30 am*

at bukit dumbar
ikhram, zulie ( me ), lee fern

with my roommate, lee fern ( my partner )

waited for sunrise
unfortunately, we can't see it this is because of the cloud
oh no, we thought that we can see it

*7.45 am *
arrived at maktab

suddenly, we saw the sunrise from maktab, but we can't take it as our observation
we have to make a observation at the same place that we did last saturday
even we were so disappointed, but it's ok..
we can see it at another time


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