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Friday, February 11, 2011

love friday!

Posted by [ Z U L I E ] 10:59 PM, under | 6 comments

Salam..I love this Friday very much!!
why???because this Friday I went back to my hostel..for 1 week, I stayed at rent, it's my time in hostel!!
have the chances to meet my lovely roomate and my friends..we were quite busy with practicum at Balik Pulau..cannot meet everyday..

Even there'a a lots of things that I have to do..but, I want to take a rest first..'beristirahat'~~before this, I always slept late almost every night..huh, cannot stand~~I really hope I can manage time properly and did not tension with the tasks and works given..hope all things went well~~

ok la, dont know what to write~but, the important thing is I love this Friday...

p/s: thanks to Ying ying~~
good luck to my friends~~hope everything is ok!


yeah, i luv dis friday too..hehe
tomorrow also i luv so much.. is marvellous friday, right?..=)

yup mia olive..can meet each other..chatting2~

Anda di tag!!sila jawab...hehe
p/s:zulie,ying ying tu kawan ko ke?
dia ex-roomate aku time plkn muadzam shah..patutla macam kenal je..camne nak cntct dia eh???can u help me?
b4 that,jgn lupa jawab you have been tag..have fun..

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