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Saturday, May 14, 2011

long time no see

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Salam..for my entry ( long time no see )
it's true right?
it's almost 2 months i do not update any story for my blog..oh my sweety blog, i'm so sorry..i'm quite busy and don't know why i do not want to open u even i always online..=(sorry.
i just finished my third practicum..

it's really awesome experience that i cannot buy it~~miss them
so, today i do not want to talk or write too much..
let's the pictures below elaborate and explain my feelings~~

last day at school..drink together..."terima kasih sbb tolong teacher angkat barang~~"

hasil sendiri bersama rakan..mural paling besar pernah hand semuanya~~

during kem bestari solat..became an ustazah..hehe..ajar niat solat

during jamuan perpisahan 5 Budiman. I never enter or relief or teach these pupils..but i can remmeber name of some of them.thanks for those pupils that gave me flowers and present~

During larian merentas desa..really remember this moment..i did the merentas desa by cycling the pupil's bicycle..


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